Rain Protection for Home & Business

Solutions for Your Rain and Leak Problems

Over the last 25 years, Affordable Awnings Company has provided homeowners and business owners throughout Long Beach, Orange County, Riverside, and San Bernardino with reliable and cost-effective solutions for a number of rain problems.

Rain Protection for Entry Doors

Our fixed fabric awnings can provide excellent rain protection when installed over a front, side, or rear entrance door. These awnings can block rain from above and keep rain that splashes back up from getting inside or on you.

Rain Protection for Slider Doors and French Doors

If rainwater is getting into your home or business through your sliding door or French doors -- either because the water is pooling in front of your doorway, trickling down from above, or splashing back up from the ground -- our custom fixed awnings can be an effective and affordable solution.

Rain Protection for Pets

We've had many residential clients tell us that they need to leave their pets outside during the day while they work. In these instances, we work with them to customize an awning for their outdoor pet area that will not only complement their home but also provide sufficient protection from the sun and rain.

Rain Protection for Leaking Windows

Windows leaking when it rains is one of the more common problems we address. We've heard clients tell us that rainwater is getting inside from the top and/or bottom of their windows, by seeping through small cracks near the frame, or because they simply prefer to leave their windows open when it rains. In each instance, our fixed fabric window awnings are able to solve the problem.

Rain Protection for Exposed Walkways

Awnings can be an excellent addition to a property with exposed walkways as they provide much-needed coverage on rainy days when people need to walk in between buildings or from a detached garage to the side entrance of a home.

Rain Protection for Vehicles

To protect vehicles from the rain, as well as the sun's harmful rays, we can install a leak-proof fabric or aluminum patio cover.

Rain Protection for Outdoor Electrical Equipment

An awning can provide the protection you need for electrical boxes, air conditioners, pool pumps/motors, and other outdoor electrical equipment that can be sensitive to moisture.

Rain Protection for Other Exposed Areas

We can create custom awning solutions to protect people and items in any outdoor exposed area, such as sunrooms, delivery entrances/doorways, loading docks, mailboxes, waiting areas, and more, from the rain and sun.

When addressing rain issues, we usually recommend a fixed fabric awning that projects out to at least 3½ feet. Our fabric awnings feature powder coated steel frames and Sunbrella's highly durable, water-resistant canvas fabric. Sunbrella offers more than 140 fabric choices in a wide array of gorgeous colors, stripes, and patterns, and backs their outdoor shade fabrics with a 10-year warranty. If you prefer the look of aluminum or need a particularly large awning, we also offer custom aluminum awning installation services. No matter which awning you choose, you can rely on our awning experts to provide knowledgeable recommendations and follow the industry's best design and construction techniques to effectively resolve your rain issues.

Call Affordable Awnings Company today for a free consultation and estimate. You are also encouraged to stop by our showroom. We are a HomeAdvisor Top-Rated Awning Contractor with an excellent reputation for providing high-quality work and superior customer service at a competitive price.