Factory-Direct Manufacturer of Custom Awnings,
Patio Covers & Canopies

Affordable Awnings Company is Southern California’s leading factory-direct manufacturer and installer of stationary and retractable awnings as well as other shade structures. We have been providing our exceptional service to 1000s of residential and commercial clients for decades and are especially proud of our work in the Brea area. Our Brea customers come to us when they want innovative, custom shade solutions that feature quality craftsmanship and premium materials at budget-friendly prices.

Our shade solutions for Brea include:

All of these options not only effectively shade outdoor spaces, but also beautify them. They have also been shown to lower energy bills as a result of reduced air conditioning use. And, they are all backed by extensive warranties.

Call us today and tell us about your shade needs in Brea. We’ll provide expert recommendations and estimates at no charge and without any obligation. Our team has more than 75 years of accumulated awning industry experience and expertise, and can be trusted to guide you to the best choices for your needs and budget.

About Affordable Awnings

Affordable Awnings Company is a full-service awning contractor with an A+ rating from the Better Business Business (the highest rating possible). We’re licensed with a $1 million dollar worker’s compensation and a $1 million dollar liability policy. We have thousands of satisfied customers and a large archive of glowing testimonials from Brea and throughout Orange County. If you want Southern California’s best value in awnings, call us today. You’ll get exceptional awnings at a great price with unbeatable service.

Brea, CA Residential & Commercial Metal/Aluminum Awnings

Brea, CA Residential & Commercial Metal/Aluminum Awnings for Windows, Patios and Balconies

Affordable Awnings Company offers high-quality, custom metal aluminum awnings for Brea properties at affordable rates. Aluminum metal awnings can be placed over windows, doors, balconies, and patios to create a beautiful exterior and provide cooling shade. They can be built to cover areas of any width and are capable of withstanding even the harshest of weather conditions. Because they are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, you can’t go wrong when you decide to invest in aluminum metal awnings for your Brea residence or business. Call today for a free consultation and quote.

Residential & Commercial Stationary/Fixed-Frame Awnings Brea

Brea, CA Residential & Commercial Stationary/Fixed-Frame Awnings

Affordable Awning Company’s custom-made, competitively priced stationary awnings have given thousands of Southern California clients the freedom they needed to attain the exact design they wanted. Our stationary or fixed-frame awnings are manufactured in house by a team of awning experts. Our staff produce stationary awnings in all sizes, shapes and styles to accommodate the needs of our nearby clients in Brea. Our awnings, which feature high-quality frame materials, fabrics and threads, look great over windows, balconies, doors, and patios. They can also be given custom graphics and/or one of 12 valances. Call today for a free personalized consultation and quote.

Manual & Motorized Retractable Awnings Brea, California

Brea, CA Residential & Commercial Retractable Awnings, Both Manual & Motorized

At Affordable Awnings Company, we offer Brea home and business customers the ability to get a custom-made, high-quality retractable awning at a very competitive price. Our retractable awnings are not only striking but also long-lasting. In fact, our aluminum retractable awnings have been known to last over 20 years, and our retractable fabric and steel frame awnings often last over 30 years. They also come with extensive written guarantees and manufacturer warranties. Retractable awnings can be designed to fit spaces of any width and made to project out up to 13 feet. Depending on your preference, your awning can extend and retract manually or electrically. If you prefer the motorized awning, we can also add environmental sensors for automatic opening and closing that responds to Brea’s changing weather conditions. To learn more, call us today. Consultations and quotes are free.

Factory-Direct Window Awning Manufacturer Brea, CA

Brea, CA Factory-Direct Manufacturer Window Awning

Affordable Awning Company’s window awnings are a great investment for Brea home and business owners because they enhance the look of your building, provide excellent shade coverage, lower air conditioning costs, and shield carpet and furniture from the damaging effects of the sun. To help you get the most of your investment, we never use middlemen or subcontractors, which means that you get the best possible prices for your custom-made window awnings. Also, all of our awnings are built entirely in-house to ensure that there is no compromise on the quality of workmanship and materials that we deliver to our Brea clients. Call today to start designing your custom window awnings. Quotes are free.

Awning Recover, and Fabric Replacement Near Brea, CA

Brea, CA Awning Recover, Fabric Replacement, & Repair -- Half the Cost of an All New Awning Installation!

When you want a reliable and experienced awning contractor to restore your awnings in Brea, call Affordable Awning Company. We have over 30 years of experience in the awning industry that can be counted on to produce professional, long-lasting results. Our awning recover/fabric replacement service is ideal for aluminum- or steel-frame, and stationary or retractable awnings--basically any fabric awnings that have a frame that is still in good condition. To confirm that your awning would qualify for a recover, contact us today to schedule an assessment. During the assessment, we’ll thoroughly evaluate the condition of your frames and then walk you through the variety of choices you have for upgrading and/or updating your awnings.

Fabric and Aluminum Patio Covers in Brea, CA

Brea, CA Custom-Made Fabric & Aluminum Patio Covers, Balcony Patio Covers & Carports

Affordable Awnings Company is proud to offer Brea’s best value in fabric and aluminum patio covers and carports. We expertly design, manufacture and install gorgeous fabric and aluminum patio covers and carports at surprisingly affordable prices. Our patio covers and carports are all made with quality craftsmanship and from the industry’s finest fabric, thread and frame materials to ensure that they’ll look immaculate for decades. Give us a call today and enjoy a free consultation and estimate.

Aluminum Wood Patio Covers and Carports Installation Brea

Brea, CA Aluminum Wood Patio Covers, Balcony Patio Covers, & Carports -- Zero Maintenance; Lifetime Warranties

In addition to fabric and aluminum patio covers and carports, Affordable Awnings Company also offers gorgeous aluminum wood patio covers and carports. What makes aluminum wood patio covers and carports so appealing is its special finish, which will give your patio cover/carport a wood-like appearance but none of the downsides of real wood, such as rot, mold, termites, and warping. Additionally, aluminum wood’s state-of-the-art Teflon surface protectant will repel stains, oil, and dirt. To learn more, call one of our experts today. Our team has over 30 years of experience, offers unparalleled customer service, and provides exceptional workmanship at competitive rates.

Residential & Commercial Custom-Made Cabanas Brea, CA

Brea, CA Residential & Commercial Custom-Made Cabanas

For Southern California’s best value in residential and commercial cabanas, work with Affordable Awnings Company. Our custom-made cabanas are all expertly made in house and professional installed by resident shade specialists who collectively have over 75 years of experience. Our Brea clients can expect to not only get long-lasting, luxurious cabanas at Affordable Awnings, but also unbelievable pricing. Call and speak with a member of our staff today to start designing the right cabana for your needs and budget. Consultations and estimates are free.

Rain Protection for Home & Business

Solutions for Your Rain & Leak Problems

Drop Rolls, Sunscreens, Solar & Roller Shades Brea

Brea, CA Custom Outdoor Drop Rolls/Shade Screens/Solar Shades/Sunscreens/Roller Shades

Drop rolls and shade screens (also known as drop roll shades, solar shades, sunscreens, and roller shades) allow you to work and live comfortably without sacrificing the beautiful view from your window, balcony or patio. They roll up and down effortlessly so you can enjoy the precise amount of shade you need throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky. Additionally, drop rolls and shade screens can reduce heat transfer and help keep flies and other insects out. At Affordable Awnings Company, we are a factory-direct manufacturer of shade screens that serves the diverse needs of home and business owners in Brea. That means that we can easily and affordably produce your drop rolls and sunscreens completely to your specifications. To learn more, call Affordable Awnings Company today.

Residential/Commercial Sun Shade Sails, Brea, California

Custom-Made Sun Shade Sails, Brea, CA

Sun shade sails have recently become a very popular permanent shade option for Southern California recreational centers, businesses, sports fields, parks and other popular sites because they are highly effective at cooling large areas--blocking up to 95% of the sun’s UV rays and cooling temperatures by as much as 20 degrees--and emanate a sophisticated and modern feel with its sharp angles and vibrant colors. Sun shade sails can be made in any size and utilize a high-quality tension fabric that can be attached to steel poles or walls. They are ideal for use in both residential and commercial spaces. If you would like to explore having beautiful, high-performance sun shade sails custom made and installed for your Brea property, call us today.

Brea, California Outdoor Curtains/Outdoor Drapes

Brea, CA Outdoor Curtains/Outdoor Drapes

Add privacy and understated elegance to your Brea property by adding decorative outdoor curtains/drapes to your balcony, patio, gazebo, canopy or cabana. Outdoor curtains/drapes not only look lovely, they also are highly functional--keeping your recreational or living spaces cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. At Affordable Awnings Company, we are a factory-direct custom manufacturer and installer of outdoor drapes and curtains with more than three decades of experience, which means we can create your outdoor curtains or drapes to perfectly complement any property. Our curtain fabrics/drapes are made with Sunbrella’s renowned fabrics, which are available in over 140 colors, patterns and designs and backed by 10-year warranties. Call today for a free estimate.

Commercial Awnings, Canopies & Patio Covers Brea, CA

Brea, CA Commercial Awnings, Canopies & Patio Covers

Affordable Awnings Company offers businesses in Brea the best value in Southern California when it comes to custom-made commercial awnings, patio covers, and canopies. These products are designed to have a professional yet eye-catching appearance while also providing a reliable source of shade and protection from the sun and elements. Commercial awnings, canopies and patio covers by Affordable Awnings Company can easily look great for decades. And, with our process for applying custom graphics, your business’s logo and/or lettering will look just as beautiful for the same amount of time. Call today for a free onsite estimate.

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