High Quality Patio Covers, Balcony Patio Covers,
Canopies & Shade Solutions

Affordable Awnings Company has the experience and expertise to design, manufacture, and install gorgeous, long-lasting custom awnings for homes and businesses throughout San Bernardino County, including San Bernardino, Rialto, Yucaipa, Fontana, and surrounding areas. We have produced and installed awnings, canopies, patio covers, balcony patio covers, and other shade structures for thousands of customers across Southern California over the last three decades, and developed an excellent reputation for quality work at an affordable price. In fact, many of our customers go out of their way to give us positive reviews and testimonials, and we maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We also offer our San Bernardino clients cost-effective awning recover, replacement and repair services.

No matter what type of home or business you have, Affordable Awnings Company can create an innovative and cost-effective shade solution for your unique needs. We are factory-direct manufacturers of:

All of these shade structures combine premium-grade materials with time-tested, expert craftsmanship. We use luxurious Sunbrella fabrics backed by 10-year warranties, superior threads, powder-coated aluminum frames, extra durable steel frames, and motors and other components backed by 5-year limited warranties. That's why it is no surprise that our awnings look beautiful and function great for decades.

Call Affordable Awnings Company today for high-quality awnings in San Bernardino County at a great value from experienced staff. We are licensed with a $1 million worker's compensation policy and a $1 million liability insurance policy. We welcome the following forms of payment: cash, check, MasterCard and Visa. Consultations and estimates are free.

Shade Screens, Sunscreens & Drop Rolls in San Bernardino County

Shade Screens, Sunscreens & Drop Rolls – Convenient, Retractable Shade Solutions for Residential & Commercial Properties in San Bernardino County, CA

One of the most convenient and versatile shade options we offer is the shade screen, also referred to as a sunscreen, drop roll, roller shade, drop roll shade, or solar shade. San Bernardino residential and commercial clients alike appreciate their effectiveness in reducing heat transfer and glare and their low cost. Shade screens can be mounted over windows, decks, or patios, feature cranks, pulleys or motorized control systems, and provide added privacy and intimacy without blocking scenic views. In designing your shade screen, you can choose from two types of mesh fabrics (70% mesh and 90% mesh) as well as Sunbrella fabrics which block 100% of the sun's damaging UV rays. With top-quality materials and expert workmanship, our shade screens/sunscreens/drop rolls are built to withstand years of use and are backed by a written guarantee. Talk to a San Bernardino shade specialist today.

Retractable Awnings for Rialto, Yucaipa & Fontana, CA

Retractable Awnings for San Bernardino County, CA – Residential & Commercial Applications

At Affordable Awnings Company, our retractable awnings give San Bernardino commercial and residential customers the most flexibility when it comes to selecting an effective shade solution. Retractable awnings can be fully extended for maximum protection from the sun and rain, partially extended for cooler days, and completely hidden when you wish to completely enjoy a beautiful day. Retractable awnings can feature manual hardware such as a pulley or crank, or a motorized system that controls your awning quietly and effortlessly. We can even install environmental sensors for automated control. Retractable awnings are made with long-lasting Sunbrella fabric and powder-coated aluminum frames, and can be manufactured to span any width and project out to 13 feet. Call today for a free quote; our experienced professionals will assist you every step of the way so you get the perfect retractable awning to complement your home or business in San Bernardino County, including Rialto, Yucaipa, and Fontana.

San Bernardino, California's Fixed Awnings Specialists

San Bernardino, California's Fixed Awnings Specialists – Residential & Commercial Applications

Affordable Awnings Company provides residential and commercial customers in San Bernardino with custom fixed awnings of superior quality. Our fixed/stationary awnings are manufactured in house by our awning specialists who only use the industry's best materials: outdoor awning fabrics by Sunbrella, extra durable threads, and powder-coated steel frames. These fixed awnings can be installed over windows, decks, patios, and doors of all widths. Choose from a wide range of shapes, over 140 colors, and 12 valance styles. Speak with a San Bernardino fixed/stationary awnings specialist today and receive a free consultation and estimate.

Window Awnings to Shade, Protect & Complement Rialto, California Homes & Businesses

Window Awnings That Shade, Protect & Complement Rialto, California Homes & Businesses

Enhance the look of your Rialto home or business with an attractive window awning professionally designed and installed by Affordable Awnings Company. Our window awnings are customized to your unique style preferences and needs, and priced to be cost-effective. Awnings can help reduce heat transfer and protect your furniture and carpet from fading due to continuous exposure to sunlight. For all of our window awnings, we use fade- and water-resistant Sunbrella fabrics which are backed by an extensive 10-year warranty. Window awning frames can be made out of maintenance-free, powder coated aluminum or extra durable steel. Installation can usually be completed in as little as a day. To learn more, call us today. Quotes are free.

Metal Aluminum Window Awnings for Yucaipa, California

Metal Aluminum Window Awnings for Yucaipa, California – Beautiful, Durable & Maintenance Free

At Affordable Awnings Company we give Yucaipa clients access to high quality, long-lasting custom aluminum window awnings made by skilled professionals. Ideal for Yucaipa homes and businesses looking for durable, maintenance-free shade solutions, each aluminum window awning is specially made to your exact specifications within a short timeframe and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Your Yucaipa aluminum window awning can come in a wide array of coordinating colors and features a stationary frames suited to windows of all sizes and styles. We offer complimentary design services to guide you through the awning process and free estimates. Call today.

Lettering, Graphics & Logos for Fontana Storefront Awnings

Add Custom Lettering, Graphics, or Logos to Your Business's Storefront Awnings in Fontana, California

As a full-service awning contractor, Affordable Awnings Company can also apply custom graphics, logos, and/or lettering to any fixed or retractable fabric awning. Using extensively practiced techniques, our staff produce high-quality, vivid logos, graphics, and lettering that are easily comprehended from those walking or driving by. Our custom graphic services are so high quality that they are sure to last the life of the awning without any peeling or flaking. Because we have over 30 years of experience and the ability to produce superior results at highly competitive rates, we are the best choice among Fontana businesses looking for long-lasting commercial awnings. Call us today for a free quote.

Awning Repairs, Recovers & New Installation San Bernardino

Awning Repairs and Recovers - Save Up To 50% Off A New Installation in San Bernardino, Rialto, Yucaipa, & Fontana, CA

Did you know that steel and aluminum awning frames can easily outlast awning fabric by as much as 15 years? You can take advantage of this fact if your existing fabric awnings are looking worn or old, or have tears in them. At Affordable Awnings Company, we specialize in recovering fixed and retractable awnings using high-quality Sunbrella fabrics for San Bernardino County homes and businesses. We have more than 30 years of experience recovering and repairing awnings, and can rejuvenate your awnings for half the cost of a completely new awning installation with a cost-effective awning fabric replacement. If you want to explore if an awning repair or recover is right for you, call us today to schedule your free assessment and estimate.

Shade Sails for Playgrounds, Parks, Backyards, Patios & Pools

Shade Sails (aka Sail Shades) for San Bernardino County, California Playgrounds, Parks, Backyards, Patios, Pools & More

Give your San Bernardino space a splash of color and contemporary style with custom sail shades by Affordable Awnings Company. As an experienced, full-service sail shade manufacturer and installer, we custom design every sail shade to each client's unique needs and only use the best quality materials, such as premium-grade fabrics and threads and sturdy steel posts. Our sail shades give outdoor spaces a unique look without compromising function - they block 95% of UV rays and lower temperatures by as much as 20 degrees. Our specialists will walk you through our large selection colors, styles, and materials, and create a long-lasting solution that fits your needs and budget. Call today for a free estimates.

Rain Protection for Home & Business

Solutions for Your Rain & Leak Problems

Outdoor Curtains with Long-Lasting, Luxurious Sunbrella Fabrics

San Bernardino & Rialto, CA Outdoor Curtains Featuring Long-Lasting, Luxurious Sunbrella Fabrics

Outdoor curtains are at once attractive, elegant, simple, and highly functional. They can keep your exterior space warmer on cold nights and cooler on hotter days. At Affordable Awnings Company, we manufacture outdoor curtains that are customized to the needs of our residential and commercial clients in San Bernardino and Rialto. We are proud to use the industry's best fabrics, premium threads, and experienced craftsmanship in producing all of our outdoor curtains, while keeping costs low. In customizing your outdoor curtains, you'll have more than 140 weather-resistant fabrics to choose from, all backed by 10-year limited warranties. Call today and speak with one of our experienced outdoor curtain specialists to learn more. We offer fast turnaround times and one-day installations.

Custom-Built Outdoor Cabanas with Curtains Fontana, CA

Custom-Built Outdoor Cabanas With Optional Curtains for Added Privacy, Yucaipa & Fontana, CA

Expand your outdoor living space with custom-made outdoor cabanas by Affordable Awnings Company. Outdoor cabanas can create a spa-like experience in a home's backyard in the middle of Yucaipa or private and intimate spaces in Fontana that are perfect for guests of commercial resorts, spas, hotels, and outdoor bars. Affordable Awnings Company's team of shade experts will help you create the luxurious and durable cabanas you envision for your property at an affordable price. Our cabanas feature powder-coated steel frames and decorative Sunbrella fabrics. Sunbrella fabrics come with a 10-year warranty and are available in over 140 colors, patterns and stripes. We can even add curtains for privacy and decorative valances. Call today to get a free quote and consultation for your custom cabana in Yucaipa & Fontana.

Patio Covers, Balcony Patio Covers & Carports Rialto, CA

Custom Patio Covers, Balcony Patio Covers, & Carports for San Bernardino County, California

Affordable Awnings Company is the premier choice for custom patio covers, balcony patio covers, and carports in the San Bernardino area. For the last 30 years, we have produced functional, sophisticated, and durable patio covers and carports at very affordable prices. Patio covers and carports are ideal for protecting people, outdoor furniture, cars, and more from the weathering effects of the sun, rain, and wind. And because patio covers and carports are not fully enclosed or considering living quarters, they don't usually require any permits to install and are much more affordable than constructing a garage. Choose from aluminum, fabric, or aluminum wood patio covers, balcony patio covers, or carports for your San Bernardino County home or business.