Affordable Awnings Company:
Serving Upland For More Than 30 Years

Affordable Awnings Company has been designing, manufacturing and installing high-quality, custom awnings for Upland homes and businesses for more than thirty years now. We have served the awning needs of thousands of clients across Southern California and achieved an “A+” rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Our long list of satisfied customers have consistently expressed their appreciation for our level of expertise as well as for our professionalism and personalized care and attention. We listen to our clients and help them acquire the awnings that best suit their property and needs at an affordable price. Because our team has over 30 years of experience working with awnings, we know everything there is to know about designing, manufacturing, and installing fixed and retractable awnings, as well as a long list of related residential and commercial shade solutions. Please read about our products and services, and feel free to call us if you have any questions. Affordable Awnings Company is happy to help you.

With Affordable Awnings Company You Can Choose From a
Variety of Awning Solutions For Your Upland, CA Property

Affordable Awnings Company offers all of the following shade solutions to customers within the Upland area:

All of these outdoor shade products are fully customizable, both in design and function. Additionally, we offer high quality, cost-effective awning recovers and fabric replacements, awning repairs, and storefront awning custom graphics. Our Upland awning services are not only reliable but also affordable. To learn more, call or visit us today. Estimates are FREE!

About Affordable Awnings Company, Serving Upland, CA for Over Three Decades

Affordable Awnings Company is a full-service, licensed, factory-direct awning manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience. We pride ourselves on having a staff of experienced awning specialists whose expert advice, attentive customer service, and superior craftsmanship in designing and manufacturing the ideal awning solution for any Upland home or business can be relied upon to deliver superb results. Not only do we manufacture and install new awnings, we also repair and recover old ones. In every case we focus on delivering quality work at an affordable price.

Manual & Motorized Retractable Awnings Upland, CA

Upland, CA Retractable Awnings -- Residential & Commercial

Retractable awnings are a great investment for any Upland property. Not only do they extend your living or commercial space, they can also significantly reduce your air conditioning use, thus decreasing your energy bills and increasing your property value. At Affordable Awnings Company, we offer Upland manual and motorized retractable awnings for residential and commercial use. Our retractable awnings can be designed to span any width and can project out to 13 feet. Our motorized awnings effortlessly and quietly open and close, and can be modified to automatically respond to changing environmental conditions.

For your retractable awning, you can choose from any awning shape, including traditional, convex, concave, dome and rounded entrance, as well as any color and design. All of our retractable awnings are made with Sunbrella fabrics, which are available in over 140 colors and stripe designs and feature a 10 year warranty. For added durability, we only use powder coated steel frames. For additional information or to obtain your free retractable awning consultation and estimate in Upland, call Affordable Awnings Company today.

Residential & Commercial Fixed Awnings Upland, CA

Upland, CA Fixed Awnings -- Residential & Commercial

Fixed awnings are a great way to add beauty and value to your Upland home or business while improving the comfort of your family, guests, or patrons. Affordable Awnings Company’s custom-made fixed awnings can be placed over windows and doors of any size and can be built in any color and shape, including traditional, dome, concave, convex, or rounded entrance. Like our retractable awnings, we exclusively use the longest-lasting and highest quality materials to construct our fixed awnings, particularly by only using Sunbrella fabrics, premium thread, and powder coated steel frames. And, because we are a factory-direct fixed awning manufacturer, you can always expect the best prices without having to sacrifice on quality. Call today to obtain your free fixed awning consultation and estimate in Upland.

Affordable, High-Quality Aluminum Window Awnings

Upland, CA Aluminum Window Awnings -- Residential & Commercial

Come to Affordable Awnings Company for Upland’s best value in aluminum window awnings. We excel in custom designing, manufacturing, and installing high-quality aluminum window awnings for residential and commercial clients. These awnings not only look great, but also require little to no maintenance because they are made with powder-coated aluminum frames which are water-repellent, mildew-resistant, and rust-proof. We have a broad selection of aluminum awning colors for you to choose from, and can design your aluminum awnings to fit windows of any size. Call us now to learn more about our exceptional and affordable aluminum window awnings, backed by limited lifetime warranties.

Manual & Electric Window Awnings Specialists Upland, CA

Upland, CA Window Awnings -- Residential & Commercial

Affordable Awnings Company is the best manufacturer of high-quality, affordable custom-made window awnings in Southern California. Upland home and business owners can have fixed or retractable (both manual and electric) window awnings designed to give their property the perfect amount of shade. Our awning specialists help you select the perfect shape, size, and fabric for your window awning so that you can achieve a look that is either striking and eye-catching or subtle and elegant. Window awnings can be designed with your choice of Sunbrella fabric, which comes in over 140 beautiful colors, patterns and stripes. Sunbrella fabrics are known for their resistance to mildew, water, and fading, and 10-year limited warranties. Additionally, we use powder coated steel frames and durable hardware, to complete your window awning to ensure truly lasting results. Call today for a free window awning quote in Upland.

Residential & Commercial Outdoor Curtains Upland, California

Upland, CA Outdoor Curtains -- Residential & Commercial

Affordable Awnings Company provides Upland home and business owners with gorgeous, superior quality outdoor curtains at a very competitive price. Our outdoor curtain design specialists will help you transform any exterior space into an intimate outdoor haven. Outdoor curtains create a lovely, intimate environment that is perfect for entertaining guests anytime of the year. To make our outdoor curtains, we exclusively use American-made materials, such as Sunbrella’s durable fabrics (available in over 140 colors/patterns/stripes), and the finest craftsmanship to ensure lasting results. At Affordable Awnings, we can manufacture curtains to meet any specifications and stand behind our work with a written guarantee. To get a free estimate for outdoor curtains in Upland, call today.

Upland, California Sunscreens, Solar Shades & Drop Rolls

Upland, CA Sunscreens/Solar Shades and Drop Rolls -- Residential & Commercial

Sunscreens/solar shades provide privacy without blocking views, reduce heat transfer and glare through your windows, and block harmful UV rays. They can save you money on air conditioning costs and they protect indoor furniture from fading. Drop rolls, also known as drop roll shades and roller shades, provide relief from the sun but are designed for larger areas like patios and decks. Since a drop roll mounts to a structure's roof or top beam and rolls down, it provides maximum shade from the penetrating angled rays of the sun and can also protect from wind and rain.

Custom Designed Sunscreens & Drop Rolls

Affordable Awnings Company’s highly experienced team of experts will design your sunscreen or drop roll to meet your specifications for your Upland property.

We use only the finest-grade materials for unmatched durability through repeated rolling. Our sunscreens are retractable, and can be operated manually or controlled electrically. Our frames are made with high quality aluminum and our long-lasting fabrics can cool your outdoor space by 20 degrees or more while significantly reducing your air conditioning costs.

We offer 70 and 90% mesh fabrics, ideal for blocking sunlight and keeping out insects, as well as Sunbrella® fabrics, which come in over 140 designs and block 100% of the sun's harmful rays. All Sunbrella® fabrics are backed by 10-year warranty, and our motors, electronics and frames all carry 5-year warranties. Interested in additional information about Affordable Awnings Company’s custom-made sunscreens and drop rolls for your Upland home or business, call us today.

Aluminum Wood Patio Covers & Balcony Patio Covers Upland

Upland, CA Aluminum Wood Patio Covers & Balcony Patio Covers -- Residential & Commercial

Aluminum wood patio covers resemble real wood patio covers but require none of the maintenance. So, you’ll never have to worry about cracking, fading, chalking, warping, peeling or termites. Aluminum wood patio covers can also be customized to suit your specific needs and preferences. We have open lattice and solid styles, a wide variety of rafter cuts and colors, and an assortment of additional features, such as skylights, lights, and fans. Call today for Upland’s best choice for custom aluminum wood patio covers; we offer unbeatable quality, competitive prices, and fast turnaround times.

Fabric & Aluminum Patio Covers,Carports & Balcony Patio Covers

Upland, CA Fabric & Aluminum Patio Covers/Carports/Balcony Patio Covers -- Residential & Commercial

Affordable Awnings Company is the premier factory direct manufacturer of fabric and aluminum patio covers and carports serving the City of Upland. We work with both commercial and residential clients to design and produce stylish, long-lasting patio covers and carports that effectively beautify, cool, and protect driveways, patios, and parking lots of any size. We offer white aluminum for patio covers and carports and over 140 colors, patterns, and stripes for our fabric patio covers and carports. Installation can often be completed in as little as a day, and results are guaranteed by a written warranty. Our staff specializes in patio covers and carports and will provide you with the advice you need to achieve the best results at the best price. Call today to start exploring your options and to get a free estimate.

Rain Protection for Home & Business

Solutions for Your Rain & Leak Problems

Professionally Installed, High-Quality Sail Shades near Upland, CA

Upland, CA Sail Shades -- Residential & Commercial

Affordable Awnings Company provides our Upland customers with the best value in sail shades. Our sail shades can be seen throughout Southern California, creating cool, shaded spaces for homes, parks, playing fields, schools, and a wide variety of businesses with a modern, stylish twist. Sail shade fabrics are extremely durable and available in an array of colors and styles. Sail shades are kept taut and secure through sturdy steel posts. Call our sail shade specialists today for a free competitive quote.

Upland, CA Cabanas with Sunbrella Fabrics & Steel Frames

Upland, CA Cabanas -- Residential & Commercial

Affordable Awnings Company is Upland’s factory-direct source for custom-made, residential and commercial cabanas. Upland homes and businesses can rely on our staff’s extensive expertise and experience to design and produce the perfect cabana to complement any exterior space. Like our other shading solutions, we construct our cabanas with materials you can trust: 100% acrylic Sunbrella fabrics, premium threads, and powder-coated steel frames. As a result our cabanas are always stylish, built to last, and backed by a written guarantee. Plus, they are affordably priced! Call today for a free estimate and consultation for your new Upland cabana.

Upland, California Storefront Awning Custom Graphics

Upland, CA Storefront Awning Custom Graphics

For most of our commercial clients in Upland, the store name or business logo that appears on their storefront awning serves a very important role. It can often set the very first impression to new and potential customers. As such, it needs to be professional, appealing, easy to read, and eye-catching. At Affordable Awnings Company, we have over 30 years of custom graphics experience, so you can trust that our team will deliver a high-quality, beautiful storefront awning to meet (and often exceed) your expectations. Our custom graphics services are available in all colors and are guaranteed to last the life of the awning without any peeling or flaking. Call today for a free estimate.

Fabric Awning Recovers, Replacements & Repair Upland, CA

Upland, CA Fabric Awning Recovers, Replacements, and Repair

If the fabric on your awning is starting to look old and worn but your frame and hardware are still in excellent condition, consider Affordable Awnings Company’s professional awning recover service. By investing in an awning recover instead of a complete awning replacement, you can reduce your costs by as much as 50%! With our fabric awning recovers, you’ll be able to choose from over 140 Sunbrella fabrics and 12 decorative valance styles. We can expertly repair and recover both aluminum and steel-framed awnings. Call today to schedule an on-site visit; one of our awning recover experts will visit your Upland property to assess and measure your awnings to give you their professional recommendations as well as an accurate cost estimate without any obligation.

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