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If you want gorgeous, long-lasting custom awnings at a cost-effective price for your Moreno Valley home or business, call Affordable Awnings Company. For decades, we’ve designed, fabricated, installed, repaired, and recovered thousands of awnings and other shade structures. As a full-service awning company, we excel in manufacturing all of the following:

By working with our highly experienced team of awning specialists, you can trust that your custom shade solution will meet or exceed your expectations, look and function beautifully for years, stay within budget, and be manufactured and installed within the promised timeframe. We also offer cost-effective awning repairs and recovers/fabric replacements to give old awnings a new look and a second life. Additionally, our results are guaranteed.

Call us today for a free professional consultation and quote for your Moreno Valley awnings or other shade structure. We’re in good standing with California’s Contractors State License Board and maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Commercial  Awning Replacement & Repair

Professional Awning Recover/Fabric Replacement Service - Moreno Valley, CA

Recovering your commercial or residential awnings can save you as much as 50% when compared to installing all new awnings, and gives dated awnings a new look or revises the beauty of worn awnings. In addition to manufacturing and installing new and replacement awnings, Affordable Awnings Company also restores old, torn, worn, faded, and outdated awnings for clients throughout Moreno Valley. Our professional awning recover service is not just affordable, but can also cut your costs by half if you decide to restore your awning rather than fully replace it. To determine if your awnings qualify for our fabric recover services, call and schedule an onsite assessment today.

Custom Made Window & Balcony Awnings - Moreno Valley, CA

Custom Made Window & Balcony Awnings - Moreno Valley, CA

Affordable Awning Company ’s Moreno Valley window and balcony awnings are all custom made in house using high-quality materials, such as powder coated aluminum or steel frames and durable Sunbrella fabrics. Sunbrella’s fabrics are fade-resistant, available in over 140 colors and designs, and backed by a standard 10-year manufacturer warranty. Because our window and balcony awnings are all custom made, we can create your awnings in any size or shape, including dome, concave, convex, rounded entrance and tradition. We can also add custom graphics, one of 12 valance fabrics, and the ability to extend and retract your awning either manually or electronically. We have more than 30 years of accrued experience and knowledge which have made it possible for us to give our customers affordable window and balcony awnings that consistently exceed expectations. Call today to learn more. Quotes are free.

Manual, Motorized & Automatic Retractable Awnings Moreno Valley

Manual, Motorized & Automatic Retractable Awnings - Moreno Valley, CA

The highly experienced team at Affordable Awnings Company has been manufacturing and installing versatile, attractive, and highly durable custom retractable awnings in Moreno Valley for decades. Retractable awnings can significantly reduce A/C costs, and are perfect above windows, decks, balconies, and terraces. Our employees are experts in all types of retractable awnings, including manual, motorized, and automatic. We use powder-coated aluminum frames, premium threads, and Sunbrella fabrics to construct some of the most beautiful and enduring retractable awnings available in the Moreno Valley area. We can install retractable awnings in spaces with openings of any width and have your awning project out to 13 feet. Call today for a free estimate.

Durable Fixed Frame Awnings - Moreno Valley, California

Fixed Frame Awnings - Moreno Valley, CA

Affordable Awnings Company has the experience, knowledge and capabilities to handle any custom fixed frame awnings need in Moreno Valley. Our stylish, functional, and highly durable fixed frame awnings can be customized in shape, fabric color/design, and size, and come backed by written guarantees. We have over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing fixed awnings of every style--including dome, rounded entrance, traditional, concave, and convex--and expertly installing them for long-lasting performance. They look great over any residential or commercial window, deck, patio, or balcony, no matter the size. To obtain a free consultation and quote for your Moreno Valley fixed frame awnings, call us today.

Aluminum Awnings/Metal Awnings - Moreno Valley, CA

Aluminum Awnings/Metal Awnings - Moreno Valley, CA

Custom aluminum awnings made by Affordable Awning Company are a great addition to any home or business in Moreno Valley: they look great, provide exceptional protection from the sun, and are capable of lasting for decades. Our highly experienced staff manufacture and install aluminum awnings, both retractable and stationary versions, to fit windows, patios, and doors of any width. In fabricating our aluminum awnings, we only use high-grade powder-coated aluminum, which resists mildew, corrosion, and water damage. For a free estimate, call Affordable Awnings Company today.

Awnings & Patio Covers with Custom Graphics Moreno Valley

Awnings and Patio Covers with Custom Graphics - Moreno Valley, CA

Improve the visibility and professional appearance of your business with custom graphics from Affordable Awnings Company. Our team of expert awning and patio cover fabricators/installers have been serving the needs of commercial clients in Moreno Valley for over three decades. We have built an excellent reputation for quality work at cost-effective prices through our extensive list of satisfied customers. We specialize in manufacturing fabric awnings and patio covers that can be customized with custom graphics, such as logos and lettering. Our custom graphics are guaranteed to last the life of your awning or patio cover without peeling or cracking. Call today to learn more.

Fabric & Aluminum Patio Covers & Carports

Fabric Patio Covers/Balcony Patio Covers & Carports and Aluminum Patio Covers/Balcony Patio Covers & Carports - Moreno Valley, CA

Call Affordable Awnings Company today for Moreno Valley’s best value in fabric and aluminum patio covers, balcony patio covers, and carports. Our in-house awning specialists have been designing, fabricating and installing fabric and aluminum patio covers and carports for years and it shows in the superior quality of our completed projects. We help Moreno Valley clients obtain a completely custom patio cover/carport that complements their property, meets their needs, and fits their budgets. Aluminum patio covers and carports are available in a wide range of styles and come in heat deflecting white. They're economical and backed by a lifetime warranty. Fabric patio covers and carports can be made with one of our 140 fabric choices from Sunbrella and feature highly durable steel frames. Call today for a free consultation and quote.

Aluminum Wood Patio Covers, Balcony Patio Covers & Carports

Aluminum Wood Patio Covers/Balcony Patio Covers & Carports - Moreno Valley, CA

Affordable Awnings Company excels at installing aluminum wood patio covers, balcony patio covers, and carports. Aluminum wood patio covers offer Moreno Valley residents a sturdy and affordable shade structure that resembles wood but requires just a fraction of the maintenance. Choose from several color options, a lattice or solid roof design, a variety of beam and rafter end cuts, and additional enhancements, such as recessed lighting, to customize your aluminum wood patio cover or carport. Call today to talk with one of our aluminum wood patio cover experts.

Rain Protection for Home & Business

Solutions for Your Rain & Leak Problems

Drop Roll Shades & Shade Screens Moreno Valley

Drop Roll Shades (aka Drop Rolls, Roller Shades, Solar Shades & Shade Screens) - Moreno Valley, CA

Affordable Awnings Company’s drop rolls and sunscreens (sometimes called shade screens, solar shades, roller shades, or drop roll shades) are the perfect addition to any patio, deck, window, or balcony in Moreno Valley. Sunscreens and drop rolls’ main advantage over outdoor curtains is that they offer effective protection from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays while maintaining views. Our sunscreens and drop rolls can be manufactured with 70% mesh fabric, 90% mesh fabric, or acrylic fabric from Sunbrella which blocks 100% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. We can also install manual pulley systems, cranks, or electric motor systems to control your screen. Our drop rolls and sunscreens are all backed by written guarantees. Call today for a free quote.

Outdoor Curtains Installation near Moreno Valley, CA

Outdoor Curtains - Moreno Valley, CA

Affordable Awnings Company exclusively uses Sunbrella’s highly durable and vibrant shade fabrics to create gorgeous and highly functional outdoor curtains for the needs of residential and commercial clients in Moreno Valley. We generally install outdoor curtains across patios, terraces, cabanas, and other outdoor structures with open sides and a sturdy roof. Once installed, outdoor curtains can easily elevate a structure’s appearance and be used to keep your inhabitants warm on winter nights and cooler on hot days. Call today for a free outdoor curtain estimate.

Custom Cabanas for Residential & Commercial Clients Moreno Valley

Custom Cabanas - Moreno Valley, CA

In general, cabanas are a four pillar outdoor shade structure that usually fits a few people, has a fabric cover, and features privacy curtains along the sides. Since cabanas are freestanding, they can be used in nearly any exterior space, such as in backyards or by pools and spas. At Affordable Awnings Company, we provide Moreno Valley residential and commercial owners with the opportunity to have their cabanas custom manufactured and installed for their unique needs and aesthetic. We fabricate cabanas of exceptional quality while keeping prices as competitive as possible. We also provide a written guarantee with every completed cabana projects. Call today to learn more about our custom cabanas.

Fabric Sail Shades - Moreno Valley, California

Tension Fabric Sail Shades/Sun Shade Sails - Moreno Valley, CA

Sail shades are quickly becoming the shade structure of choice among Moreno Valley commercial and residential property owners because they are as beautiful as they are functional. Sail shades feature durable fabrics in vibrant colors that effectively block the sun’s UV rays while also creating an eye-catching, contemporary look. Best of all, our sail shades are reasonably priced and installed by skilled craftsmen. Call us today for a free price quote.

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