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Since its founding over 30 years ago, Affordable Awnings Company has earned a solid reputation among residential and commercial clients in Menifee, Sun City, and Perris for offering the best value in custom awnings and other shade structures. Their awnings, patio covers, canopies, and other shade solutions are attractive, long-lasting and affordably priced. They are manufactured in-house with impeccable workmanship and installed by our very own highly experienced experts. WIth thousands of satisfied customers across Southern California, a long list of glowing testimonials, and an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau, your expectations are sure to be met or exceeded when you work with licensed Affordable Awnings Company. You can expect to receive high quality, competitively-priced awnings to complement your home or business in Menifee, Sun City or Perris. What more could you ask for?

Affordable Awnings Company is a factory-direct manufacturer for Menifee, Sun City, and Perris:

We maintain strict quality control for everything we manufacture and install, and only use the industry’s best materials, from high-quality fabrics and threads to superior grade aluminum and steel. For our awnings, patio covers, outdoor curtains, and other structures that feature fabric, we exclusively use Sunbrella fabrics, which are made with the most durable and colorfast acrylic available in the world today. Sunbrella fabrics are water repellent, fade resistant, and backed by 10-year warranties.

About Affordable Awnings Company

Affordable Awnings Company is a full-service awnings contractor that works very closely with each of our clients throughout the entire process, from initial estimate through final installation. We are able to provide full service because we’ve built a great staff of skilled awning specialists who have more than 30 years of experience. Our specialists are dedicated to providing highly personalized customer service and exceptional craftsmanship in the design and manufacture of every awning and shade structure, no matter how big or small the project. To get started on your awning project in Menifee, Sun City, Perris, and surrounding areas, call us today. We offer consultations and estimates at no charge and with no obligations.

Retractable Awnings, Menifee & Sun City, California

Retractable Awnings, Menifee, CA

Retractable awnings enlarge living and commercial spaces while reducing air conditioning use significantly, thus making them a great investment. They also offer you the most flexibility as you can extend and hide them as you see fit, and an extended lifetime because you can limit their exposure to the elements. At Affordable Awnings Company, we offer manual and electric retractable awnings for Menifee homes and businesses, both of which can be fully customized to suit your needs and budget. Our retractable awnings can be designed to span any width and can project as far as 13 feet. Our motorized awnings open effortlessly and close quietly, and can be modified to automatically respond to changing environmental conditions. You can also choose one of our 12 valances as well as add an awning hood. Affordable Awnings Company ensures you receive the best value for your custom retractable awnings, and we stand by our work with a written guarantee. For additional information or to schedule your free estimate for your property in Menifee, Sun City, or Perris, call Affordable Awnings Company today.

Fixed Frame Awnings near Sun City & Perris, CA

Fixed Frame Awnings, Sun City & Perris, CA

Fixed frame awnings (also referred to as fixed awnings or stationary awnings) are permanent awnings that provide more opportunities when it comes to design because you don’t have to worry about retractable features. You can choose from traditional, dome, concave, convex or rounded entrance, in any size and a wide range of styles. We also offer 12 valance choices and the opportunity to add custom graphics, such as lettering or logos. Each fixed frame awning is custom-designed and manufactured which means that you don’t have to feel restricted to ready-made awnings--you can get exactly the awnings you want at a price you can afford. Call today for a free quote in Sun City and Perris.

Aluminum Window & Balcony Awnings near Menifee, CA

Aluminum Window & Balcony Awnings, Menifee, CA

Affordable Awnings Company is also Menifee's preferred provider for custom-made, high quality aluminum window and balcony awnings. Our cost-effective aluminum window awnings feature fixed-frame styles, and are custom-designed to your specifications using only the highest quality materials, such as powder-coated, water-repellent, mildew-resistant and rustproof aluminum frames. For a free estimate for aluminum window or balcony awnings for your Menifee home or business, call Affordable Awnings Company today.

Fabric Window Awnings Menifee, Sun City & Perris

Fabric Window & Balcony Awnings, Menifee, Sun City, & Perris, CA

At Affordable Awnings Company, we offer Menifee, Sun City, and Perris the very best value in custom-made fabric window and balcony awnings, both fixed and retractable. Our fabric awnings beautify and cool homes and businesses, and are available in any size, shape, and style. Because we believe our clients deserve the best, we only use the very best American-made materials to manufacture our fabric window and balcony awnings, such as durable, powder-coated steel frames with five-year warranties and fade-resistant Sunbrella® fabrics in over 140 solid or striped designs and a variety of color combinations, all with 10-year warranties. Affordable Awnings Company also offers 12 choices of valances for your awnings, and we can even customize your awnings to incorporate your personal monogram or your company logo and other branding, thus increasing a business’s profile and visibility. For more information, or to schedule your free estimate, call Affordable Awnings Company today.

Commercial Awnings Graphics in Sun City, Perris & Menifee

Commercial Awnings Featuring Custom Graphics, Menifee, Sun City, and Perris, CA

If your business in Menifee, Sun City, or Perris is looking to invest in a custom storefront awning, you want to make sure that you are working with experienced, trustworthy professionals who will give you the best results and the highest return for your investment. At Affordable Awnings Company, we take pride in manufacturing and installing beautiful, long-lasting custom graphics for awnings that help our client’s businesses get noticed. We have over 30 years of experience in the awnings industry and are extremely skilled at digitally printing custom lettering, logos, and designs. We know how to create a well-balanced, bold and vibrant awning that will last the life of the awning without any flaking or peeling. Plus, our pricing is very competitive. Call today to learn more about our custom awning graphic service.

Fabric & Aluminum Patio Covers & Carports

Fabric & Aluminum Patio Covers, Balcony Patio Covers, & Carports for Menifee, CA

With thousands of satisfied customers and over three decades of experience, Affordable Awnings Company excels in designing, manufacturing, and installing patio covers, balcony patio covers, and carports. Fabric patio covers and carports are fabricated using Sunbrella’s stellar fabrics (available in over 140 fabric colors and designs) and long-lasting, highly durable steel frame, and installed with quality workmanship. They come in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, with a selection of valances and the ability to add professional custom graphics. We also expertly manufacture and install aluminum patio covers and carports. Menifee clients often choose this type of patio cover or carport because it generally lasts longer than fabric and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Aluminum patio covers and carports come in an elegant white color that deflects heat and stays vibrant for decades. Call today for a free consultation and quote.

Aluminum Wood Patio Covers, Sun City, California

Aluminum Wood Patio Covers, Sun City, CA – Get the Look of Wood Without the Maintenance

Aluminum wood patio covers are a popular option among our clients in Sun City who prefer the look of wood patio covers and shade structures but wish to avoid the excessive cost and maintenance. Aluminum wood is guaranteed to never burn, peel, crack, warp or rot, nor will it be susceptible to termites. Moreover, its powerful paint system with Teflon-based surface protector will repel dust, oil, dirt, and stains, and resist corrosion from the outdoor environment. At Affordable Awnings Company we’ll tailor your Sun City aluminum wood patio cover to your exact specifications, from your choice of color to size and placement. You can even choose your preferred rafter cuts and can add on fans, skylights and other enhancements. Call today to talk with one of our aluminum wood patio cover experts. Quotes are free.

Outdoor Curtains throughout Menifee, Sun City & Perris, CA

Outdoor Curtains, Menifee, Sun City, & Perris, CA

Affordable Awnings Company’s custom outdoor curtains are manufactured in house using high-quality fabrics and threads to meet your needs and budget in Menifee, Sun City, and Perris. Outdoor curtains are perfect for creating comfortable, stylish, and private enclosures in any covered space, such as a patio, cabana, deck, or gazebo. Our outdoor curtains are fabricated with Sunbrella fabrics, which are made to withstand outdoor conditions. Sunbrella fabrics are available in over 140 colors, patterns and stripes, and are backed by 10-year warranties. Call today for a free estimate.

Rain Protection for Home & Business

Solutions for Your Rain & Leak Problems

Sunscreens, Drop Rolls, Solar Shades & Roller Shades

Sunscreens & Drop Rolls (Solar Shades, Drop Roll Shades, & Roller Shades), Menifee, Perris, & Sun City, CA

Affordable Awnings Company custom designs, manufactures and installs beautiful and cost-effective sunscreens and drop rolls for those in Menifee, Perris, and Sun City. Sunscreens and drop rolls (aka solar shades, drop roll shades, and roller shades) are basically manual or electric roll-down shades that use high-quality mesh fabric to reduce glare and heat transfer without limiting your views. They save you money on air conditioning costs, essentially paying for themselves very quickly, and protect indoor furniture from fading. Sunscreens and drop rolls can be mounted over patios, windows, or decks, and can be made with one three types of fabrics: 70 % mesh fabric, 90% mesh fabric, or Sunbrella fabric (Sunbrella fabrics block an impressive 100% of the sun's damaging UV rays). All Sunbrella® fabrics are backed by 10-year warranty, and our motors, electronics and frames all carry 5-year warranties. With top-quality materials and expert workmanship, our sunscreens and drop rolls are built to withstand years of use and are backed by a written guarantee. Talk to a shade specialist in Menifee, Perris, or Sun City today.

Shade Sails, Perris, California

Shade Sails, Perris, CA

Shade sails create unique outdoor entertaining spaces for Perris property owners that are not only attractive and inviting but also highly effective at shielding people from the sun’s rays as well as reducing temperatures--as much as 20 degrees on hot days. With 30 years of experience, Affordable Awnings Company is an expert in designing, manufacturing and installing custom shade sails. Our shade sails are competitively priced yet built with premium-grade materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure long-lasting beauty and performance. Our shade sail fabric resists fading and blocks up to 95% of harmful UV rays; they also come in a wide variety of vibrant colors. Call one of our shade sail specialists to learn more.

Canopies & Cabanas in Perris, Menifee & Sun City, CA

Canopies & Cabanas, Menifee, Sun City, & Perris, CA

Canopies offer those in Menifee, Sun City, and Perris with shade as well as protection from rain, and can be designed to cover as large a space as specified. Cabanas are generally enclosed, outdoor shade structures that provide cover for year-round entertaining. They often function as clubhouses, spa rooms or lounges, and feature elegant curtains for added privacy. Canopies offer a chic open-sided cover perfect for entertaining on clear days and nights. For the last 30 years, Affordable Awnings Company has manufactured custom canopies and cabanas for both residential and commercial customers throughout Menifee, Sun City, and Perris. Our canopies and cabanas are fully customizable and made with premium-grade materials, such as powder coated steel frames and 100% acrylic, waterproof Sunbrella® fabrics, which come with a 10-year warranty. We make it our priority to give you the best value for your investment and stand by our work with a written guarantee. Get a free consultation and quote for your new canopy or cabana in Menifee, Sun City, and Perris; call today.

Awning Fabric Replacement in Sun City & Menifee

Awning Recovers/Fabric Replacements, Menifee, Sun City, & Perris, CA: Call for a Free Assessment of Your Existing Awnings!

Revive the look of your residential or commercial awnings in Menifee, Sun City, and Perris with Affordable Awnings Company’s professional fabric recovers. Our awning fabric replacement/recover service will cost significantly less than a complete awning replacement and promise exceptional results. We thoroughly assess awnings before we agree to do a recover to ensure the frames will last as long as our fabrics. We then manufacture your awning fabric so that it perfectly fits the size and shape of your awnings. Installation usually takes a day but your awnings will look superb for years. Awning recovers are great if you want to restore old, worn or torn awnings, and your aluminum or steel frame is still in great condition. We use Sunbrella fabrics, which offers 140+ colors and designs, and can also add valances and apply custom graphics. To get a free estimate for awning recovers for your home or business in Menifee, Sun City, Perris, and surrounding areas, call Affordable Awnings Company today.

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